​​Water Features

 Water features properly maintained and serviced will allow a complete eco-system to be present in your feature.  Elements of an ecosystem include aeration, biological and mechanical filtration, pump system, fish, and plants.  Water Gardens Unlimited examines each water feature and provides maintenance as needed.  

Water Feature services include:

-  Illumination                  

-  Maintenance (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly)

-  Clean outs for Spring or Fall

-  Service

-  Treatments


Water Gardens Unlimited

Fountain and Aeration Systems


Water quality in our environmentally conscience world is at its  highest.  The goal in water management is to increase the dissolved oxygen level, which naturally increases the cleanup process in ponds/lakes.  Installing a bottom aerator or a surface fountain will be highly effective in controlling aquatic weeds, foul-odors, and algae build-up.


Fountain and Aeration System services include

  -Certified Service Center for AquaMaster Fountains and Kasco Marine, Inc.
  -Authorized distributor of
AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators

  -Illumination - LED and halogen
  -Surface fountains in a multitude of patterns                 
  -Bottom Aerators